ceiling fans
Ceiling fans
keep your cool this summer

Which ceiling fans are right for your house?

The best ceiling fans for your home.

Find out which ceiling fans are the best for your home and budget.

Fans use significantly less power than air conditioning as cooling air is thermodynamically expensive.

During winter a fan can also be used to bring warm air, which naturally rises, back down to occupants.

This can affect both thermostat readings and occupants’ comfort, thereby improving climate control energy efficiency.

Indoor fans.

We have a wide range of ceiling fans designed for outdoors, such as al fresco and patio areas.

Air conditioning or fans ... or both?

The most commonplace use of fans today is in conjunction with an air conditioning unit.

Without an operating fan, air conditioning units typically have both the tasks of cooling the air inside the room and circulating it.

Provided the fan is properly sized for the room in which it is operating, its efficiency of moving air far exceeds that of an air conditioning unit.

Therefore, for peak efficiency, the air conditioner should be set to a low fan setting and the fan should be used to circulate the air.

Keep your home cool this summer.

Introduce fans to your home, and take advantage of the cooling benefits.

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We have a wide range of fans available.

We can walk you through our range of amazing fans to see which suits your needs and budget.

How you can save on your energy bill.

Our fans use less energy than air conditioning, so you’ll save money on your energy bill this summer.

Better living
through design.

We know fans. Our team of experts work hard to make sure you get the best products and service around.

Now is the time to get ready for summer.

Our range of fans will keep you cool this summer.

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